What does the mutation Augmentation do?

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 01:07PM PST
Enhancement: This mutant can use his or her own chemistry to alter the composition of other substances for buff, debuff, and healing effects.
          o Calibration – This aura increases your team's primary armor.
          o Ablate – This stance raises your armor.
          o Resilience – This aura raises your team's saves.
Telekinesis: The user creates kinetic energy with his or her mind and directs it at an enemy for damage and even occasional debuffs.
          o Bend Metal – If you hit with this attack, it will reduce your target's armor.
          o Propel – This has a long cooldown but does high damage if it hits.
          o Always Armed – This is a shorter cooldown attack that does lower damage when it hits.
Primal: The mutant can activate repressed animal genes to grant personal stat buffs and even grant a few powers that mimic animal abilities and pheromones.
          o Primal Vigor – This toggled ability lowers your maximum gamma to raise your maximum health.
          o Beast Might – This prepared attack costs health but deals extra damage and has a short cooldown.
          o Rampage – This ability raises your damage and health for a few seconds, then leaves you weakened.

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