What is the mutation Restoration?

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 01:07PM PST


Nano-Manipulation: This strange mutation alters the bio-electric field so that the mutant can control nanites left on the body after the cloning process. These mutants can direct the nanites to heal them, strengthen their armor, and even resuscitate others.

          o Reconstruction – This resurrects friends in a cone-shaped area.
          o Filtration – This ability requires you to aim at your target, but if you hit it is a very strong status removal that also restores health.
          o Vital Osmosis – This is a team-only heal in a cone-shaped area.
          o Revitalize – This ability raises the health regeneration of all allies close to the caster.

Empathy: Users take wounds and detrimental effects from other players onto themselves. At higher levels, they can also drain Health and Stamina from an opponent. An empathic mutant can also restore the dead by taking massive amounts of damage to him- or herself.

          o Share Life – This combat resurrect ability brings a friend back to life faster than other such abilities, but it does so by lowering your own health.
          o Benevolence – This is a direct healing ability which will restore health to you or a target, but the amount restored is greater when used on someone else.
          o Restoration – This is a single target, short duration heal over time.
          o Preservation – This ability removes status effects from the target.  Strong status ailments will require more than one application.

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