What can each faction do?

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 01:06PM PST
This will give you a better idea for what each faction can do, but it is not a complete list: 
CHOTA (Children of the Apocalypse)
CHOTA teach Melee, Armor Use, Athletics, Dodge, Mutagenics, Weaponry and Armorcraft.
Enforcers teach Rifle, Pistol, Group Tactics, Armor Use, Dodge, Ballistics, Armorcraft, and Science.
Lightbearers teach Melee, First Aid, Dodge, Athletics, Medicine, Weaponry and Mutagenics.
Techs teach Pistol, Armor Use, First Aid, Science, Geology, Mutagenics, Ballistics, and Armorcraft.
Travelers teach Pistol, Social, Dodge, Athletics, Science, Nature and Medicine
Vistas teach Rifle, Group Tactics, Dodge, Athletics, Nature, Ballistics, Cooking and Science.
Also, each faction has a small number of unique Knowledges for their preferred skills that only they teach, such as the Lightbearer healing ability Sand and Stone or the Vista Rifle Skill One Shot, One Kill. Each faction also has faction-specific equipment, such as Enforcer body armor or a pistol available only to Travelers.
While the players will be introduced to the factions soon after starting the game, they won’t actually join one for a good while, so players will have time to figure out which faction suits them. At the start of the game, the factions are an important story element, but not vital to game mechanics.
Players will be able to get almost all Knowledges and items through independent instructors and merchants, but there will be a few things for each faction that they will not be able to learn until they join.
Players who do not choose a side will miss out on a sizable chunk of story content, as a lot of it focuses on the factions. That said, there is also a huge amount of story that does not focus on the six player factions, and neutral players will be able to go to more places because none of the factions are trying to kill them. This means that a player who chooses not to side with a faction will have a wide-ranging game experience because there are more choices available, but their experience will not be as deeply immersive as someone who joins a faction, because their choices may not be as developed. Regardless of how they decide to play the game, players will be able to mitigate some aspects of the faction system through a high Charisma, Mutations, and using the Social Skill to masquerade as other factions..

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