Travel - What town should I start in?

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 12:58PM PST

It's a big world out there and you have to start somewhere, but where?  After the tutorial you will get to pick a town to start in from the Town Chooser room.  The computer terminal will give you a description of the towns and allow you to make your selection.  Picking a starting town does not mean you are choosing your play style or your faction but you will get different mission types, rewards, and faction interactions based on where you go.  You could eventually go to multiple starter towns if you would like to try a few different training types. 

Town Name Mission Content Weapon Specialty Affiliation
Boneclaw Combat Melee CHOTA
Midway Crafting Pistol/Rifle Travelers
Clinton F.A.R.M. Support Melee/Rifle Neutral
Depot 66 Combat Melee/Pistol Travelers
Zanesville Combat Pistol/Rifle Enforcers
Terance Combat Pistol/Rifle Neutral
Mumford Combat Pistol Neutral
South Burb Crafting Rifle Vistas
North Burb Support Melee Lightbearers
Note: Not all towns will be available at the Town Chooser.

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