How do I duel?

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 06:48PM PST
Each player starts with 1000 Duel Points.
When a player fights in a duel with another player, the two player’s current duel ratings are compared and a projected chance of winning is established for the two individual combatants.
Gains for fighting players with a lower rating than you result in fewer points gained for victory and gains for fighting players with a higher rating than you result in more points gained for victory.
The amount of gain or loss from a single duel has a ceiling of 20 points.
We are aware of a current cosmetic bug that reports victories as Negative points gained, but the actual points are indeed Added rather than Subtracted from the victor’s dueling points. A fix is underway to address this display issue.
Dueling Basics:
Ready for more one-on-one PvP action? With Fallen Earth’s dueling system, players can initiate a duel with another player from anywhere in world outside of PvP zones. Challenge a friend and earn some bragging rights as your victory is broadcasted throughout the local area! These Duels are only begun after mutual consent and players are not forced to participate if they opt not to.
Starting A Duel:
One player may challenge another by either A) right clicking on the player in the world and choosing the 'Duel' option, or B) targeting the player and then issuing the /duel command in the console. A player may only have one duel challenge issued at a time. Duels may not be issued inside of PvP areas. Once a challenge has been issued, the receiver of the duel challenge will have a pop up message explain to them that they have been challenged to a duel. This pop up box will also contain the character name and level of the challenging player, along with button to accept or deny the duel invitation. If the receiver of the duel clicks 'Yes' the challenger will be notified and both players will have their UI's updated to show when the duel will begin (currently 10 seconds.) If the receiver click 'No' the challenger will again be notified, but this time nothing further will happen with the duel.
It is possible for a player to ignore all duel requests via an option in the 'Options' panel of the frontend.
Fighting A Duel:
Once the 10 second grace period at the beginning of a duel has elapsed, both players are flagged for full PvP against each other. Also, they may no longer be the target of beneficial effects from surrounding players. However, other external factors such as enemy mobs and falling damage will still be able to harm the players. The goal for both combatants is to reduce their enemies health to 1. Once someone has been reduced to 1hp, the duel will be over and a winner will be declared. Players may use mounts to cause damage to each other, at the risk of their mounts being killed/destroyed. Dueling currently has no radius in which players need to stay inside, so the world is your battleground. A player attempting to log out in the middle of a duel will be subject to the logout timer. A player may only be in one duel at a time.
Once a duel is over:
A broadcast will go to the local area, notifying them of the outcome of the duel. Players may set a 'win' emote via the options in the front end to customize an emote that they play upon winning a duel. Both players will now be free to enter other duels if they so wish.
As an added feature, players may choose a Victory Emote to play! Under Options, General tab, you'll see a pull down for "Duel Victory." Users may choose the emote there.

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