Fast Travel System

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 06:48PM PST
Fast Travel System is a travel system which allows transport between specific towns once players have gained the town-specific transporter knowledge.
Below is the list/locations of ALL fast travel pods.

Sector 1 (South Plateau)
Odenville {3962603,3087398} 
Embry Crossroads {4238719,3220332} 
Oilville {4294556,3476944} 
Kingman {4195434,3584695} 
Sector 1 (North Plateau)
Pass Chris {4518798,3769317} 
Watchtower {4550458,3972534} 
Coppermine {4296790,3887478} 
Spider Hill {4694176,4113460} 
Trailer Park {5007737,4160889} 
Sector 2 (Northfields' Neutral Towns)
Sunshine Corners {4581670,4989130} 
Barret Manor [RP "Hope Springs"] {4316314,5329283} 
Blaine {4976162,5753568} 
New Flagstaff {4480650,5507290} 
Devon Township/Redfield {3980498,4988797} 
Last Stop {4066732,5638074} 

Sector 2 (Northfields' Faction Towns)
Haven (Lightbearer) {4482212,5164591} 
Picus Ridge (Tech) {4511624,5381804} 
Post 23 (Enforcer) {4538274,5270725} 
Thorne's Bluff {4954149,5168286} (Vista)
Credit Bend (Traveller) {4705957,5477129} 
Fracture (CHOTA) {4836565,5326748}
Sector 3 (Kaibab Forest Neutral Towns)
Brigg's Point {7062374,4738885} 
Stronghold {6496437,5011128} 
Dieseltown {6184231,5705212} 
Docuer's Court {6202895,5908903} 
Papermill {6682530,5539980} 
The Repostitory {6752463,5136450} 
Tannerfield {6626273,4842514} 
Trader's Flat {6537506,5233510} 

Sector 3 (Kaibab Forest Faction Towns)
Chemtown (Tech) {6597138,5803281} 
Banker's Hole (Travellers) {6487283,5655105} 
Warhall (CHOTA) {6149022,5452933} 
Black Hill (Enforcer) {6805603,5447097} 
Gaia (Vista) {6376152,4970651} 
St.Sebastian's (Lightbearers) {6871585,5157150} 
Deadfall (West of Sector 3)
Los Alamos {5529717,5121349} 
Wasted Wood {5880845,5126034} 
Citadel {5732040,4944468} 
Pitchblende {5728589,5384996} 

Terminal Woods (South of Sector 3)
Rock Bottom {6444290,4584603} 
The Wall [also referred to as Nothing Left] {6407736,4250294} 
Sector 4 (Alpha County's 'The Grainway')
Shackleton {6439212,4102070}
End Run {6316053,3869716}
Mercy {6664988,4085253}
Camp Sagan {6356880,4046864}
Scorcher Base {6593598,4159658}
Post 88 {6544974,4002264}

Thank you to all of the contributors:
Team Seaslug (Tatianna Minor, Reth), 1st Canyon Army(Rowdy Ronny, Leslies), The Older Gamers,RavenwoodCSF(Vyhulenka,John Keller, Kris Czek), Equalizers(Vandrel),SaintsKAOS, Kiako Lalene, Nev Shea, Ivan Gray, Miski, Caileen, Suzie Homemaker, Sasha Delmorna, Walkyra, SteamShadow, Bede, Igan,TEC(Nenne).


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