What knowledges and gear should I have after I complete the Tutorial?

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 06:48PM PST
When you enter the world you should have the following knowledges (Alt K):
  • Basic Scavenge
  • Disrupt 1
  • Harvest Mammal and Bird
  • Harvest Plant
  • Harvest Timber
  • Mine Coal
  • Riding
  • Stanch Wound 1
You should have the following gear in your inventory (i):
  • Basic Crude Zip Guns (2x)
  • Basic Slugthrower
  • Basic Axe
  • Basic Crude Shiv (2x)
  • Basic Heavy Pipe (2x)
  • 100 Basic Zip Gun Ammo
  • Starter Amorcraft Tradeskill Kit
  • Starter Ballistics Tradeskill Kit
  • Starter Cooking Tradeskill Kit
  • Starter Geology Tradeskill Kit
  • Starter Medicine Tradeskill Kit
  • Starter Weaponry Tradeskill Kit
  • 1 Medical Supply Kit (Also Counts as a Ragged Bandage)
  • LifeNet Jacket
  • 1 Blue chip (currency)

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