Where can I get Crafted storage space items?

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 03:52PM PST
Where can I get Crafted storage space items?

There are ten knowledge book items that can be looted from tougher Deadfall NPCs or purchased directly from other players or via the Auction House. These are: General Armorcraft, General Ballistics, General Construction, General Cooking, General Geology, General Medicine, General Mutagenics, General Nature, General Science, and General Weaponry. Each of these books contains two recipes for components; these components are used to make Handmade Safety Deposit Box items. The General Construction book also contains recipes for the 8-slot Handmade Sector Safety Deposit Box, 16-slot Handmade Sector Safety Deposit Box, 8-slot Handmade Barter Safety Deposit Box, and 16-slot Handmade Barter Safety Deposit Box.
The components for the 8-slot boxes require 150 skill to craft, and components for the 16-slot boxes require 180. These components can be purchased from and sold to other players, directly or via the Auction House. The Handmade Safety Deposit Box recipes only require one point of Construction, so that they can be crafted by anyone.

Handmade Safety Deposit Box items cannot be bought, sold, or traded; they must be used by the character who crafts them.

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